Brandon Meriweather, fan interrupt Clark's press conference for autograph turned tattoo

Ryan Clark started off his press conference on Sunday morning joking about how he's done too much media and wondered why people still wanted to hear him talk. So, Brandon Meriweather interrupted his press conference to agree.

"We need you to stop being such a media guy, and start being Ryan Clark the football player," Meriweather said.

To get his point across, Meriweather joked that a fan wanted to get his name tattooed after already having a few others, but would settle for an autograph. 
Clark made it clear that it wasn't special though if he already other players names tattooed on him.

"Imagine if I had like six tattoos of women's names on me, and then asked my wife once we got married if I could her name," Clark said going down an interesting path, "Is that going to be special to her? No." 

Brandon Meriweather wouldn't settle for that."Don't be Ryan Clark, be a Redskin. Be a part of the team," Meriweather joked. 

Clark, being the great sport that he is, signed the fans arm right in the middle of his press conference before announcing that he would take over Brandon Meriweather's press conferences in the future.

Ah, training camp hijinks. 

UPDATE: The fan went and got the autograph turned into a tattoo.

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