Ray Lewis partners with Juvent Sports

Retired Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis, a two-time NFL Defensive  Player of the Year and former Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, has partnered with Juvent Sports.

Juvent is a micro-impact platform sports technology device designed to help athletes recover faster from workouts and aid in pain relief and get the body warmed up for optimal performance.

"It's really changed the way I actually warm up before I do anything," Lewis said in a telephone interview. "When I was introduced to Juvent, the first time I actually listened to the science behind, standing on Juvent, when I get off it, there's some pop now. When I started cycling and lift more, I started to recognize fairly quickly how fast I was recovering. It was really what I was starting to feel when I actually started to live with Juvent as my morning and night, morning and night routine.

"It almost becomes addictive because you understand what it's doing for you. People might stretch a little, they might do yoga, but a lot of that is on the outer surface. Nothing really wakes you up from the inside. You get on these other machines and the vibrations are so rough it almost makes you sore because you can't stand on those things long.When you stand on Juvent, it became an every-day necessity. You can really help people."

Lewis, who retired following the Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII victory and is now an ESPN analyst, said he's seen major benefits from using Juvent to help his muscles recover faster and eliminate fatigue. Lewis said he feels more explosive and energetic than ever before.

Ideally, Lewis would like to see Juvent in every NFL locker room and training room.

"That's definitely one of my pitches," Lewis said. "You see so many guys with so many lower body injuries just recently at the beginning of the season, it's blowing my mind. You've got to do something to try to stop some of these injuries. If you can put Juvent in locker rooms, so guys can wake up the body properly. It's so important to be on Juvent before and after games. What I've learned so much being retired is that recovery is the key."

The way Juvent Pro works is it delivers thousands of low-magnitude and high-frequency pulses through the heels of the feet that move up through the body. The intent is to stimulate muscles and bones to promote circulation, joint health and healing through as little as 10 minutes per day. Juvent has partnered with the NFL Alumni Association as an official provider.

"This is a product that if there had been something like this when I was playing, it could have taken me to a totally different level," Lewis said. "It's made me appreciate retirement without so many aches and pains. I just think Juvent has a real opportunity to impact not just the sporting world, but anybody going through aches and pains.

"We're talking about the pure science of waking the body up from the inside and getting things to fire that honestly might not in a lifetime. Every muscle and fiber is what you get on Juvent. You really get attached to Juvent because it did something for my body to make it wake up and starting recovering. The ultimate key is how the body can recover. It can help many, many people."

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