Cowboys might be intersted in Jonathan Vilma

The Dallas Cowboys are looking at another tough start to this upcoming season as they may be without star linebacker Sean Lee for even more time following his latest injury at Cowboys OTAs. Lee may be lost for the season and if not the season, a large portion of it with a knee injury and the Cowboys are bracing for the worst.

Adam Schefter doesn’t have an update on Lee’s status just yet but he does have some input on who they might target should Lee be lost as is expected. According to Schefter, former New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is healthy and ready to play, which means he could be an option for the Cowboys in the immediate future.

Of course, this is all assuming that the Cowboys lose Lee which is an absolute worst case scenario for them. Vilma isn’t a bad pick up though and may have even been an alright veteran signing even if Lee hadn’t suffered this knee injury.

Vilma was a leader with the Saints and knows what a defense needs to get fired up. He may have lost a step with age, but he’ll likely be walking more steps on two legs than Sean Lee will this season which by default makes him a better option. It’s just a perk that he happens to be one of the better defensive veterans floating around in free agency still.

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