Patrick Graham says Vince Wilfork remains involved in Patriots meetings

The Patriots knew Vince Wilfork would remain close by, even though he's out for the season.

Wilfork's voice carries as much weight in the Patriots' locker room as any, so his presence in meetings as a pseudo-coach helps everyone do their job better. It's surely been appreciated by defensive line coach Patrick Graham, too.

“Vince is always involved," Graham said. "He’s always involved, whether it’s helping those guys out with the stuff I probably don’t see. Vince is involved in the classroom when I put up the film to say, ‘This is how Vince did it. You all do it like that.' So Vince is always involved no matter how it is. I mean, he’s the guy that everybody in that room, including myself, we learn from. We try to emulate that because he’s the pinnacle of a good defensive lineman, and that’s the man who is our closest example of being a great football player, and that’s what we try to learn from.”

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