Frank Gore uses colorful language to praise Bobby Wagner

RENTON, Wash. – San Francisco 49ers running Frank Gore had some colorful comments Wednesday on a conference call when asked about the Seattle Seahawks defense. He is extra impressed with middle linebacker Bobby Wagner.

“That 54, Bobby, man, he f---ing fast as f---, man," Gore said.

Well, OK. Wagner smirked when he heard what Gore had to say, but also appreciated the thought.

“It’s a great compliment coming from a great player,” Wagner said. “I love playing against him. Every time is a fun matchup because he’s a great running back. He’s a very shifty guy and I’m looking forward to playing him again Sunday.”

So does Wagner agree with Gore about saying Wagner’s speed is his best asset?

“I think it’s one of them,” Wagner said. “I take pride in my speed, but I’m a big guy, too, and like to be physical.”

Gore had nothing but nice things to say about the Seahawks.

“They play great together and I respect their team a lot," Gore said. “I can’t take nothing away from 'em.”

But Gore is shocked to see his team at 7-6 and having only a slim chance of making the playoffs.

“It’s tough, man,” he said. “It’s been difficult for us. The games we should have won we didn’t take control of. I’m not happy about the situation where we’re at. Things just haven’t gone right for us this year, but I just want to try and finish it out right and give them boys up there [the Seahawks] a good game and get the win.”

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