Shane Larkin signing put off until Mavericks’ free-agent dealings are done

The Mavericks’ summer-league team will convene on Wednesday and first-round draftee Shane Larkin will be working out with the group that will head to Las Vegas Saturday for the NBA Summer League.

Larkin, however, likely will not be under contract when he begins working out.

Because the Mavericks need to conserve all available salary-cap space, they can’t afford to take care of the formality of signing Larkin to his rookie-scale deal without subtracting it from their available cap space.

It’s all about timing for the Mavericks. When it’s right, they will sign Larkin.

This is not unusual. He no doubt has insurance to guard against a worst-case scenario. Larkin will be signed as soon as the Mavericks get decisions from their free-agent targets, including Andrew Bynum.

Meanwhile, it’s possible that their search for a viable center might move from a free-agent signing to a trade. With cap space to spare, the mavericks can take on money via a trade if a team wants to get off one of their contracts. Omer Asik comes to mind, although Houston has maintained it will not ship out the backup to Dwight Howard.

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