Jon Beason hopeful he'll re-sign with the NY Giants

Jon Beason knows he wants to be a Giant, and he knows that the Giants want him. All that’s left now is to hammer out a new contract.

So far, though, the two sides have only had preliminary talks, Beason told the Daily News on Friday. They each expressed their intentions, but the real negotiations on a long-term contract haven’t started. The linebacker, who was traded from the Panthers to the Giants on Oct. 4, said that “hopefully” he’ll have a long-term deal in place long before he becomes an unrestricted free agent on March 11.

But, he added, “you never know.”

“I know it’s something that we both want to get done,” he said. “We’ve expressed interest that they want me back and I told them that we want to be back. The thing about it is, it’s got to work for both parties. Though you anticipate that it will, you never know.

“So for me right now it’s a waiting game. It’s early. The season is still going on and a lot of things will happen between now and March 11. So all is well. I’ll be playing ball next year and hopefully I’m a Giant.”

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