Phillip Dorset Fitting In

His status as the Colts' first-round pick makes it unsurprising Phillip Dorsett is already flashing in practices.

But it was hard not to be impressed by the rookie out of Miami who, in his first week working with veterans, seamlessly worked his way into the lineup — and then some.

"It's definitely not too big for him," said quarterback Andrew Luck, who found Dorsett on a series of deep throws.

Dorsett displaying his speed at the college level is one thing, but it's already obvious that his speed also translates to the pros. Dorsett also has displayed impressive hands. He had a drop early in Wednesday's practice, but he responded with some notable catches, including a diving grab on a skinny post route.

He's also acclimating well in the classroom, where rookies often are most challenged. The Colts have Dorsett playing every receiver spot — both outside positions as well as in the slot. And he's handled the volume well for a kid who was drafted just three weeks ago.

"I'm definitely picking up the scheme," Dorsett said. "They have me playing all over the place. Concept-wise, I'm definitely getting there."

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