Devin Hester capitalizes after voicing his concern

ARLINGTON, Texas. – Devin Hester’s comments last week about wanting an increased role in the offense did not fall on deaf ears.

Three days after telling he wanted the ball more in the wake of catching just two passes for 27 yards in the first three games of the season -- all the receptions happened in Week 1, Hester was told by Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice the team wanted to use him more frequently on offense Monday night.

The end result was a three-catch performance on four targets, including an important early third quarter 34-yard touchdown reception that quieted the Cowboys Stadium crowd.

“Mike Tice came to me and said I was going to be one of the stars of the game and pretty much let me know he was going to give me an opportunity to make plays," Hester said. "How I handle it is on me. Sometimes you just have to voice your opinion.

"I know that in certain situations you go over plays during the week that are designed for you, but sometimes in a game situation you can’t call those plays. I understand that situation. But at the same time I just felt it I got a few more opportunities to make plays I could make them. That’s the most important thing about making plays is getting the opportunity to make them. Once you get the opportunity you got to take advantage of it."

Hester said he appreciated Tice being sympathetic to his concerns, even though the wideout did fail to capitalize on a few chances, including a potential touchdown grab in the end zone, in each of the previous two games.

“We joked about it all week but at the same time we both understand each other," Hester said. "That’s the great thing about coach Tice, he’s a coach that’s willing to drop his ego. Just because he’s the offensive coordinator he’s still willing to drop his ego and communicate more with the players. When you have a coach like that, players are willing to do whatever it takes to keep you successful. The road he’s going down by communicating with players and asking them what do you feel more comfortable with, he’s going to get a lot of guys on his side to fight for him when things aren’t going right."

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