Lawrence Vickers: Ray Lewis is entitled to his opinion; he’s not ‘Houdini’

IRVING – Lawrence Vickers says it doesn’t take a matchup against Ray Lewis to get him ready to play.

The Cowboys fullback lined up against the Baltimore Ravens’ 13-time Pro Bowl linebacker twice a season for four years when Vickers was with the Cleveland Browns. He’ll get another opportunity Sunday when the Cowboys travel to Baltimore.

“I stay ready, for whoever. Ray. Bernard. Bryant. Whoever it is,” Vickers said Wednesday, standing in front of his locker at Valley Ranch. “Names don’t scare me, man. Teams don’t scare me, man. I’m a man before anything, so I let other men just talk. See me in between them lines, that’s how I get down, like that.”

During a conference call earlier in the day, Lewis suggested that if the Cowboys think they’re going to get their running game on track in Baltimore, the Ravens defense has other plans.

“They can look to do whatever they want to do but it ain’t going to be what they think it’s going to be,” Lewis said.

When told of Lewis’ comments, Vickers said, “That’s just the way he feels. I don’t remember him being a Houdini or anything like that. He’s entitled to his own opinion. And if that’s how he feels, that’s cool, too. Kudos to him.”

And just in case the media members gathered around Vickers’ locker didn’t believe he wasn’t scared of Lewis, he added the following.

“Let me tell you something, I played against him two times a year every year I’ve been in the NFL, right. And I’m I still here standing tall, still mean, still stiff,” Vickers said. “They’re going to have to jump me, man. They’re going to have to jump me, that’s what it’s going to be. If you go back and watch them they’re jumping me because I’m coming with it and they know I’m coming with it just like I know they’re coming with it. Let’s meet in the lines. That’s just how it goes.”

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