Vince Wilfork's unique sightseeing plan

LONDON – Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork knows that this is a business trip, first and foremost. The primary goal is to beat the St. Louis Rams.

But that doesn’t mean Wilfork won’t carve out a little time for personal enjoyment, just like he did in 2009.

“This is my second time coming over here and I enjoy it,” he said Friday morning, shortly after the team arrived in London. “There are guys that haven’t traveled outside the U.S. and all of a sudden you’re coming over here to play football; it’s a big deal. We’re all excited about it, to have a chance to get out of our element a bit and come out a couple days early to a different place, and have a little time to do some things. It’s a good trip all the way around, but you have to make sure on Sunday, you’re ready to go because we’re all here for a purpose.”

Wilfork shared his game-plan for sightseeing in London.

“I just get in the cab and say ‘take me somewhere good.’ It’s up to them, and last time I was here, it was good,” he relayed.

There is one specific plan in the works – to see Buckingham Palace. Wilfork visited in 2009 and wants to do it again, and he said it was possible the whole team could join him.

“I was telling the guys that weren’t here for that trip about the experience, and a lot of them were excited about it,” Wilfork said. “You see things on TV, and now you actually have a chance to go see it in person, that’s the amazing part about it. There are a lot of things that people can learn throughout history, and right now, you’re in some good history so take advantage of it while you have a chance.”

Wilfork also joked about his wife, Bianca, and how she might be spending the next few days in London.

“She loves to shop, and there is great shopping here. I might leave with a car this year, who knows with her,” he cracked.

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