Pedro Taylor: There never will be any closure

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It’s been nearly five years since Sean Taylor was killed at his home in Florida. Time hasn’t dimmed the memories of him for fans or, especially, his father, Pedro Taylor. He was back in town for the Redskins homecoming game Sunday vs. Carolina, along with Taylor’s daughter and other family members. Here’s a little bit from a short conversation with him (tough to hear at some points because of the noise):

Q: What’s it like to be back?
A: It’s beautiful. It’s been a great, exciting time. The reception was nice last night.

Q: When was the last time you were back?
A: It was about less than a year ago. I try to come back once a year to a game to show my love.

Q: Is it hard for you? Odd?
A: I think it’s more rewarding and healing for me to come back. It helps just bring back memories and have a good time. That’s what we had here, a good time.

Q: What memories have you had since you’ve been here?
A: Watching my granddaughter being held by by [Sean] over here in the corner and just having fun.

Q: Does your granddaughter like being around?
A: This is her second time back. She’s very excited and it’s a great feeling.

Q: It must be nice to have here come here and have people tell her what they think or remember about her dad.
A: As she gets older she understands more. She definitely will be appreciative. I’m appreciative. The family’s appreciative.

Q: [Tough to hear question; was about the trial of Taylor’s accused killers].
A: I’m in every trial. Right now we’re getting ready to start the real trial.

Q: Is it nice to get to that point?
A: It will be.

Q: Will that bring any closure?
A: There never will be any closure. It’s hard to lose a child. It’s hard for a parent to bury a kid. I respect the fact that God makes some mistakes [inaudible].

Q: It’s hard to believe it’s been five years.
A: Very hard. But he’ll always live forever in my life.

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