Antrel Rolle: “After Going Through Hurricane Andrew … This Is Quite A Breeze”

Antrel Rolle joined Richard Neer on WFAN in New York to discuss the challenges the team faces with the New York/New Jersey area dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, the head injury he suffered in Dallas, his status for this week’s game against Pittsburgh and the great play they’re getting from Stevie Brown, while generally refusing to bite on a war of words with Jerry Jones.

On the flight back into New Jersey just beating Hurricane Sandy:
“The flight wasn’t bad at all — very little turbulence, at least from what I can remember. Everything was pretty smooth. I think they did a great job of getting us in in a timely manner and getting us back to our homes safe and sound.”

On if he was worried as the storm loomed:
“I’m from Miami, so we go through the worst of the worst. So I’m pretty much used to this, but I know the people out here in New York are not too much used to this weather and this forecast. But this is something that I’ve gone through several times in my life before. And after going through Hurricane Andrew, to me, this is quite a breeze.”

On if the storm has thrown a wrench into their schedule:
“I think we had to adjust our schedule just a little bit due to the weather conditions, but we will be in a facility come Wednesday and everything should be A-OK.”

On the “head injury” he suffered against the Cowboys:
“They run you through a string of tests to check and see if you are concussed and whatnot. My tests came back pretty good. I was fully aware of where I was, I was fully aware of what happened on the play, what happened the play before … and things of that nature. Just little things like that. So overall I was OK with the tests, but being that they’re taking things very seriously when you’re talking about concussions in this league, they told me I wasn’t able to return to the game. Being that it was so late anyway, the trainer thought it was best for me just to sit the rest of the game out.”

On if he expects to be able to play Sunday against Pittsburgh:
“I just have a few more tests to go through come Wednesday, but if it’s up to me I’m definitely going to be out there come Sunday. I feel fine. I feel very good.”

On the surprisingly good performances the Giants’ secondary has been getting from Stevie Brown, who’s replacing the injured Kenny Phillips:
“Stevie has a knack for the ball. … Whenever the ball is in his area, he does his best to go get it. And whenever he touches it, he comes down with it. And that’s always good. Stevie, he’s had a rough road. I think he’s been cut from a couple different teams, and sometimes that’s what it takes in order for you to find your mark in this league.”

On Jerry Jones predicting at training camp that the Cowboys would “beat the Giants’ asses” in the game that was played Sunday at Cowboys Stadium:
“That’s something that was brought up before the season started, and I can tell you right now I haven’t thought about it unless I’ve been asked about it in the media. And that’s always going to be my approach — I can care less about who says what. The game still has to be played come Sunday. He invited a whole lot of people out there to watch the Giants get their butts whooped and it didn’t quite turn out that way. We went out there to take care of business. I think Dallas did an exceptional job of fighting back. A lot of teams in that situation would not have fought back the way they did, so I tip my hat to those guys for being the competitors that they are.”

Listen to Antrel Rolle on WFAN here

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