All Canes Radio With Jon Jay, Richard Giannotti, Kyle Bellamy

Every Thursday Night joins All Canes Radio to bring the latest news on not only current Hurricane football but also proCane news and exclusive interviews with current and former proCanes live from Shake Shack in Coral Gables.

Click here to listen to this week’s show and hear our exclusive interviews with proCanes Richard Giannotti, Kyle Bellamy and World Series Champion Jon Jay. Listen as Giannotti talks about his University of Miami Baseball career, what brought him to the []_[], his travels through the minor leagues and his clothing company bubucheek. Bellamy talks to us about what it was like to change his pitching style, what playing for the White Sox organization is like and his hopes for the coming season. Jay tells us what it’s like to win a World Series, play with Abert Pujols, his favorite memories from his Hurricane days and much more!

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