Santana Moss: Dan Snyder ‘is a guy you want to play for’

Santana Moss was on the Jim Rome Show and took some time to wax poetic about playing for Dan Snyder.

“That’s one of the reasons why I love this team so much, because of the relationship I have with Dan Snyder,” he said. “You know, this is a guy that, he goes beyond. I hear so much in the media about Dan Snyder when it comes to how fans portray him and everything man, and I say I just don’t know. Because this guy is a guy you want to play for. He’s gonna make sure everything that you want is there and given for you to be comfortable to go out there and perform for this team.

“When you see him around, you watch him from the sidelines and you can go up to him and talk to him, ask him how his wife, ask him how his kids,” he continued. “He’s one of those guys you can conversate with. And then the day he’s one of those guys who will pat you on the butt back and say, ‘Let’s go out there and have a good game.’ You like that and you want that from your owner. You want him to be a part of what you got going on.

“I know a lot of guys experience where they don’t know the owner or they might see him every now and then,” he continued. “Dan Snyder is here, watching us practice, watching the guys, he’s interacting, asking us questions. And he knows football, and he’s one of those guys that makes you want to go out there and bleed and sweat for him on Sunday. That’s one of my main reasons why I want to be a Redskin.”

Moss isn’t the first player to talk about how great it is to play for Snyder. Chris Cooley has talked about his friendship with the Redskins owner and Clinton Portis most recently called Snyder the best owner in sports.

This clearly differs from the opinion of fans who don’t have the privilege of playing football for the Redskins. Perhaps the quickest way to improve Snyder’s public image is to sign all Redskins fans to a contract.

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