Andre Johnson Calls Blowout to Patriots an ‘A– Whipping’ As Texans Players Lament Loss

FOXBORO, Mass. — At 11-1 entering Monday night’s “game of the year,” as many had billed it, the Texans had gotten used to whipping the hind side of their opposition. This time around, though, it was quite the opposite.

The Patriots laid a 42-14 beat down on the visiting Texans on national television. It was a loss that Houston players were so embarrassed by that even team leaders were outwardly ashamed. Arian Foster was quick to admit that they had gotten out-played “in all aspects of the game.” Matt Schaub decided to express his frustrations with the old undertaker analogy, saying “we dug ourselves a hole.” But no one was more disgusted than wide receiver Andre Johnson.

Johnson knows all too well what it’s like to lose, being on five Texans teams that have finished under .500 in his nine-year career. But not like this, and especially not a game with such huge implications. “We know how important this game was to us. It was a good ass whipping and that is pretty much it,”

Johnson said candidly after the loss. Johnson’s response may seem a bit profane to some, but in reality it’s exactly right. The Texans clearly weren’t ready for the challenge of the Patriots and the end result showed it. The Texans will undoubtedly move past this loss into the final three weeks of the season. But you can bet that Johnson won’t let his teammates forget about the whipping they took in Foxboro, especially come playoff time.

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