Aubrey Huff's hand was in pain after making contact with Ryan Theriot's rock-hard glutes

The Giants and Dodgers opened a crucial divisional showdown in San Francisco on Friday night, and the excitement in both dugouts was understandably high. After Marco Scutaro's tiebreaking two-run single in the seventh inning, Aubrey Huff celebrated with an exuberant slap to the rear end of Ryan Theriot.

But judging from Huff's pained reaction (20 seconds into the video), Theriot may be a dedicated Greg Smithey disciple. The best part is how Theriot doesn't appear to react at all as his gluteal muscles are wreaking savage harm to Huff's unprepared hand.

Huff's enthusiasm is great, though he does seem to have a predilection for celebration-related injuries. Earlier this season he landed on the DL for a knee injury caused when he jumped over the dugout railing at the conclusion of Matt Cain's perfect game.

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