Question-and-answer with Jason Fox

DETROIT -- Detroit Lions offensive lineman Jason Fox is ready for the most wicked time of year.

Halloween is on Wednesday, and it was one of Fox's favorite holidays as a child. It is debatable whether Fox still loves Halloween, but he spoke about everything trick-or-treat related during this week's question-and-answer session.

Anwar: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Jason: I'm drawing a blank I can't remember stuff that happened last week, let alone as a kid. I was Batman as a kid.

Anwar: Weren't you kind of big for Batman? Jason: No. I looked good.

Anwar: You didn't wear any other costumes? Jason: One year I was lazy because I had baseball practice. We had a game, so I just wore my uniform out. I just went as a baseball player.

Anwar: Was this in high school? Jason: No, this was little league.

Anwar: Basically, you went dressed as yourself? Jason: No. Well ...

Anwar: Technically, you went dressed as yourself. Jason: Yeah, you're right.

Anwar: Would you have given yourself candy for that effort? Jason: Probably not as I look back. I didn't bring it that year.

Anwar: Which guy is scarier - Michael Myers or Jason? Jason: Michael Myers. He was a little worse.

Anwar: Which guy on the team doesn't need a mask to scare someone? Jason: There's a lot of people. I will probably say Louis Delmas.

Anwar: Do you think he would scare old ladies or children? Jason: All of the above.

Anwar: What does a trick-or-treater have to do to get candy from you? Jason: They got to have a good costume. They can't go halfway. They got to go all out.

Anwar: What are your most memorable experiences trick-or-treating as a kid? Jason: I always liked the houses that went all out. They would invite you in and have the inside of their house decorated with the dry ice. They really wanted to scare you. Not just the guy who threw candy at you.

Anwar: So you're saying as a kid you went into a stranger's house because they offered you candy? Jason: (Laughing) I mean, nowadays, I don't know if that's cool. I'm just saying ... I really enjoyed Halloween as a kid. I liked the houses that went all out.

Anwar: Candy corn - yes or no? Jason: Yes, I like candy corn.

Anwar: Pumpkin pie? Jason: Yes. You're probably not going to find any of those I will say no to.

Anwar: When is the last time you got dressed up for Halloween? Jason: My rookie year. I went as Kenny Powers. We had a team Halloween party, so I was Kenny Powers.

Anwar: Who had the best outfit? Jason: There were some good ones. Tony Scheffler was a cowboy, and he had a little horse that came out on both sides of him, and he was standing up in between.

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