Ed Reed says Thursday Night Football 'all about money'

Ed Reed's never been one to shy away from publicly disagreeing with the NFL.

With the Ravens playing this Thursday night, which will make it four games in 17 days, Reed voiced his displeasure with the NFL's Thursday night showcase, especially since it's now every week of the season and not just after Thanksgiving.

"I never liked the Thursday night games, even when they came out," Reed said. "It's all about money. Like I said, it's out of our hands."

Reed was also critical of the league in reference to Monday night's Seattle-Green Bay game, which saw the Seahawks win 14-12 thanks to a controversial touchdown.

Again, Reed disapproves of how the NFL is handling this situation.

"We all saw that (Packers CB M.D. Jennings) had the ball," Reed said. "They should've called pass interference. But that's what's been going on with these refs. It's an integrity part of the game, that they expect the players to uphold and protect the shield, so to say. But they don't protect the shield when it comes to owners and everybody else getting the money."

A lot of Ravens players are catching up on rest, having played a game past midnight Sunday night and then immediately began studying for Thursday's contest. Coach John Harbaugh said he only got two hours of sleep after Sunday night's win over New England. Meanwhile, safety Bernard Pollard he didn't fall asleep until 5 a.m.

Linebacker Jameel McClain insinuated the short week's schedule makes it hard for the players to physically prepare for these games on such short notice.

"There are a lot of tired players," McClain said. "But the other team is tired too. We have to do our job to get it done. But it doesn't make the most sense to me."

Not every Ravens player is opposed to Thursday night games, however.

"I tell you what, it's a really crazy turnaround, it really is," quarterback Joe Flacco said. "It's quick to play on Sunday and then on Thursday. But I kind of like them. It gives us a short week, and it forces you to do the things you're good at and play a football game."

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