Chris Perez needs a better filter for outbursts, Chris Antonetti says

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Indians GM Chris Antonetti used one word to describe his end-of-the-season meeting with closer Chris Perez on Monday.

"Long," Antonetti said.

The only person in the Indians organization Perez didn't criticize during the season was Chief Wahoo. He ended the season by firing one broadside after another at fired manager Manny Acta.

Asked about Perez's sharp tongue Thursday, Antonetti said during his postmortem of the 2012 season: "I still think it comes from a good place with Chris. He's an exceptionally competitive guy, who badly wants to be a contributor to a winning team.

"Now, I wish he would have chosen his words differently . . . and maybe use the opportunity to do it more privately. But the root from where he's coming from is that he wants to be part of a winning team and he wants to do his part to help out."

Many feel Perez's verbal outbursts are a signal he wants out of Cleveland. Perez said Tuesday that was not so. He gave the same message to Antonetti.
"He expressed to me, and I think he expressed it publicly, that he wants to remain an Indian," Antonetti said.

As for his opinion on Perez's candor, Antonetti said: "I appreciate it when it's behind closed doors. Everyone would be best served if he chose his words more carefully. But I want guys on my team who care as much as Chris Perez does about winning ... absolutely."

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