Five questions with Cleveland Browns receiver Travis Benjamin

Q: Everyone talks about your speed. What's the fastest you've ever run?
A: In college I went 4.26 (in the 40-yard dash). In track, I've got the indoor record at Miami in the 60-meter, I ran that in 6.69.

Q: Can you get faster?
A: I'm always training on my speed, so come off-season, I probably can knock a couple more hundredths off.

Q: Have you ever lost a race to anyone who's challenged you?
A: I've never lost to a challenger. But in college there are much faster guys than me. I never thought about (quitting football for) track. Once track was over every year, I was right back to football.

Q: Rumor has it that you haven't cut your hair since 8th grade. True? If so, why?
A: It's true. I just always wanted dreads when I was growing up because my older brother had dreads. So since 8th grade, I've had the dreads. I just cut a few inches off every year so it doesn't look bad. My brother's is down to his waist, he's 25. But it would be very difficult to play with that.

Q: Your mom is a police office in Florida. How did that affect your upbringing?
A: It's just discipline. Knowing that I always had respect for her and everything she did. If she says something one time, I do it.

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