Ed Reed: Lots of injuries go unreported in NFL

People are getting a little cavalier with this whole injury report thing. Whereas New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had quarterback Tom Brady listed every week, these teams have simply left guys off.

The Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins were fined $20,000 each Friday for failing to report injuries. The Bills didn't list Mario Williams, who was receiving treatment on his wrist. The Redskins announced quarterback Robert Griffin III was "shaken up" and questionable to return against the Atlanta Falcons on Oct. 7. He should have been declared out with a concussion.

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed recently admitted that he's been playing with a torn labrum. The NFL has launched an official inquiry because Reed has been missing from the Ravens' injury reports. Coach Jim Harbaugh on Friday explained that some 25 to 30 players each week have small injuries that they practice and play through.

"I don't know why it doesn't go on (the injury report)," Reed told the Baltimore Sun. "I'm sure a lot of guys have been through this league and had injuries and it's not reported. That's the physical part of the game and a part of the game that the fans and y'all don't (know) anything about. That's the part that we have to deal with from a workers' compensation situation, so to say. That's stuff that will be taken care of.

"I'm physically all right, but it is what it is on that."

It's hard to see a scenario in which the Ravens aren't fined, especially in the wake of Reed's admission and the fines imposed on the Bills and Redskins. Teams and players try to hide injuries -- that's no surprise. They might have gotten away with it if Reed hadn't talked about it in the interview.

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