Coughlin not sure if Rolle has a concussion

Tom Coughlin said on Monday that he does not know if safety Antrel Rolle suffered a concussion late in Sunday’s 29-24 victory over the Cowboys but indications are he may have been spared.

“Antrel could not come back in after hitting his head, taking a tumble and hitting his head on the ground,’’ Coughlin said.

Asked if Rolle had been diagnosed with a concussion, Coughlin said “I don’t know that, I’m not sure about that just yet. He was a little dizzy when he came off the field, last night on the plane he said he was fine, he didn’t seem to have any issues, he had no headaches. I’m sure he’ll still have to go through the protocol. Hopefully he’ll be okay.’’

The medical reports are not as thorough as they would be in a normal week, as the Giants on Monday had no access to any MRIs, given that Hurricane Sandy shut everything down outside their facility. The Giants team charter landed in Newark without incident about 1:15 Monday morning. “For the most part it was a good plane ride,’’ safety Stevie Brown said. “It wasn’t awful, it got bad at a few points but my definition of bad could be a little bit more than others, I don’t really like flying like that so when the plane starts shaking I get a little uneasy.’’

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