Denver will continue to limit Willis McGahee's carries

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.—Willis McGahee still is the Broncos' clearcut No. 1 running back. But if it wasn't clear that his game days of 20-to-25 carries were over before the season, it is now.

In the season opener, the Broncos rotated Knowshon Moreno liberally in relief of McGahee and will continue to do so going forward. Moreno even saw work in the red zone, scoring the Broncos' touchdown and shooting a hole in the notion that McGahee would be the Broncos' sole red-zone and goal-line threat throughout the season.

It isn't an indictment of McGahee's skills; rather, it is a concession to his age. McGahee turns 31 this season and was the only 30-something player in the league with more than 12 carries through one week of the season.

Last year, McGahee had six games with at least 20 carries—including three in the first half of the season, which caused him to miss time in the season's second half with hamstring and knee injuries.

Don't be surprised if he rarely, if ever, has 20 carries this year, because he's still the Broncos' steadiest, most consistent running back and the only one who's proved capable of regularly averaging at least 4.0 yards per carry.

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