D.J. Williams Was Worried About Fitting In After Serving Suspensions

DENVER (CBS4) – Next up on the Broncos’ demolition list are the Baltimore Ravens, who just came off a heartbreaking loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Sometimes a hard loss can pump a team up, but linebacker D.J. Williams said still he’s glad the Ravens lost.

“Baltimore has been playing very, very well this year. They kind of had a hiccup last week, but each week, week to week, things can be different,” Williams said on Xfinity Monday Live! “I’m glad that they lost because now it puts us in the hunt to get that first round bye. We’re neck and neck with New England, so I’m kind of happy it happened.”

He said even though the Ravens could be a little bit desperate and angry, they also could have low morale.

Williams had to sit out the first nine games of the season while serving two consecutive suspensions. He said when he came back to the team he was a little worried about how he would fit in with the defense that has been playing great.

“Honestly, I was worried, but I’m glad the defense was playing well,” Williams said. “The major thing for me was to come back in shape. Once you come back in shape the coaches will weed you in and find a place for you.”

He said he also had great support from his teammates while serving the suspensions.

“I talked to the guys on a weekly basis and I watched every game. It was kind of different. I got to be a fan for a little bit.”

Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has been getting a lot of credit for the success of the defense, and Williams said it took a little bit of an adjustment from the scheme he was used to playing in.

“It’s a different defense, but I like it, I enjoy it. I like what Coach Del Rio is doing. He plays to people’s strength, you know, he puts a package in for everybody so everybody is happy. That’s why guys are flying around.”

Williams said since Del Rio was a former linebacker, it’s easier for the coach to relate to him.

“It’s always great to have a coach who’s played the game because it’s not just “X”s and “O”s,” he said. “Sometimes complicated things happen on the field and if you’ve actually been out there and have experienced it, you know what the player is telling you.”

Williams said another reason for the defense’s success is the diversity of the players.

“We can do it all. We can rush the passer, we can stop the run, we’ve got (defensive backs) who can cover,” he said. “Del Rio is putting guys in position to make plays.”

The Broncos travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens on Sunday. Kickoff is at 11 a.m. on CBS4.

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