MUST SEE VIDEO: Ray Lewis Lets Himself Go In Madden Holiday Ad

Ray Lewis has let himself go.

Clearly focused on one objective – beating “best friend” Paul Rudd in a Madden rivalry that seems to have no end – Lewis has failed to shave in months and doesn’t even know what time of year it is.

“Is it Christmas?” Rudd asks as the two sit in a poorly-lit room playing the game with only a few Christmas lights and the flickering TV to brighten the atmosphere.

“I don’t know,” responds a glazed-over Lewis, who is sporting an unkempt afro and a scraggly beard resembling that of Moses.

It’s game No. 698 of 1001 between the two in a series of hilarious commercials that launched back in August to promote Madden 13. If you don’t recall the others, I got your back, here you go.

Lewis can’t seem to beat Rudd – ever – and that trend continues into December. This time, his loss was accompanied by a new Christmas tune sung by Rudd:

“You just fa la la la la la la la la lost.”

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