Kayne Farquharson Honored

The second season for the Nebraska Danger is history.

The Danger finished the year 5-9 overall. That’s not as good as the organization had hoped, but it is a definite improvement over its 3-11 record in its first season.

“The main thing that sticks out are the five wins,” general manager Mike McCoy said. “We were 4-3 at home this year. Last year we were 2-5 so we drastically improved our home won-loss record. We were 1-6 on the road both seasons.”

Receiver Kayne Farquharson, a player head coach Mike Davis said was the MVP of the team in his mind, had 67 catches for 840 yards and 25 touchdowns for a team-record 154 points. Farquharson was named to the second team All-IFL on Tuesday.

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