Darnell Jenkins

Darnell Jenkins Released

The BC Lions of the CFL released proCane WR Darnell Jenkins. Jenkins was released on Friday evening after missing a number of practices with injury problems.

“He [Jenkins] needed to be out there to have a chance,” Buono said. “We saw enough of him to make the decision. He wasn’t going to make this team.”

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Jonathan Vilma's lawyer blasts Roger Goodell over 'ledger', Vilma laughs it off

The lawyer for suspended New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma hit back at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saturday, accusing Goodell of being "misguided and irresponsible," in a statement obtained by NFL.com's Steve Wyche.

The statement comes a day after the existence of an alleged "ledger" was leaked to the media as key evidence in the team's "bounty" scheme that gave cash rewards to defensive players who injured opponents.

"Commissioner Goodell accuses Saints players of putting money on the head of specific opposing players -- the so-called ledger, as described by the anonymous sources, identifies no players, either Saints or opposing players," Peter Ginsberg said in a statement.

The ledger is to have kept track of the money earned by Saints defenders for types of hits -- dubbed "cart-offs" and "whacks" -- that injured opponents, according to a report by Yahoo! Sports. A hit that knocked an opponent out of the game was reportedly worth $1,000.

Ginsberg alleges that Goodell was told the ledger wasn't used for a bounty program but for rewarding clean play with small sums of money, saying the "'whacks' and 'cart-offs,' though regrettably named, were descriptions of good, clean, legal plays, and that any dirty or penalized play resulted in fines to players, not awards."

Vilma, who has been suspended for the entire season by Goodell for his role in the pay-to-injure program, has sued the commissioner for defamation.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said he had no comment on Ginsberg's statement.

"The facts are plain and simple," Ginsberg said. "During the three seasons in question, Jonathan Vilma was one of the least penalized players not only on the Saints but in the NFL. There is not one instance in which Jonathan Vilma set out to injure a player or gave any incentive to another player to injure an opposing player."

Vilma laughed off the ledger as evidence of a bounty program on his Twitter account Sunday by saying: “I've been asking the nfl for evidence for 2mos and got nothin but somehow a ledger gets "leaked"...and the leak was wrong! lol I love it”

Three other current players have been suspended by the league for their role in the bounty program, which is said to have run from 2009 to 2011 by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Saints defensive lineman Will Smith has been suspended four games, while Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita was suspended three games and Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove suspended eight games. Fujita and Hargrove were members of the Saints at points of program's life span.

All four players have appealed their suspensions, and the NFL Players Association has filed two separate grievances questioning Goodell's authority to rule on such matters.

Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year, general manager Mickey Loomis eight games and assistant head coach Joe Vitt six games. Williams, the architect of the program, has been suspended indefinitely.

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Darnell Jenkins Signs With BC Lions

VANCOUVER — He’ll be going to B.C. Lions rookie camp, but, at age 29, receiver Darnell Jenkins is expected to have a little more polish than most first-year CFL prospects.

After spending two seasons on the practice roster of the New England Patriots -- one of four NFL organizations he’s spent time with -- Jenkins has had his rough edges worked over significantly by head coach Bill Belichick, offseason training partners Randy Moss and Deion Branch and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady has a reputation for being his own harshest critic. He not only places lofty expectations upon himself, he does so with his teammates.
Jenkins can attest to that.

“He’s very sharp mentally, and he expects you to keep up with him, or you get chewed out,” said Jenkins, one of four import receivers whose signings were announced Monday by the Lions. “He’ll call plays in the huddle, then change it at the line, and he expects you to run your routes properly, or he’ll have something to say about it.”

Even if Brady is one of the most accurate throwers in NFL history, his deliveries are not always on the money -- purposefully so, Jenkins said, to maintain an admirable touchdown-to-interception ratio. So a receiver had better be prepared to field a low or high throw or one that requires him to leave his feet.

“He’ll throw a ball low, to protect the route, and you better be able to get it,” Jenkins said. “He’s very strict about route running and ball placement. You need to be able to make the difficult catch.”

Jenkins was released by the Patriots after training camp last September and spent the winter in Boston training with NFL receivers Moss and Branch, who were equally demanding and gave him an earful if he slacked off. The former Miami Hurricane caught the Lions’ attention at an offseason free-agent camp in Dallas, for which Jenkins was prepped by his college teammate, Lions defensive back Anthony Reddick.

“Anthony told me that Canadian football is a very aggressive game,” Jenkins said. “And I consider myself an aggressive receiver. That’s something that Randy and Deion taught me. I loved working with those guys.”

The Lions other receiver signings include Mike Moore from Georgia, Juan Nunez from Western Michigan and Correy Earls from Georgia Tech. Moore (Detroit Lions) and Nunez (Cleveland Browns) also have some NFL experience.

The search has been on-going in B.C. to find a deep-threat, pass receiving complement to take away defensive pressure from Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce. Jenkins, who also returns kicks, feels he can be that guy.

Rookie camp opens Wednesday at Thompson Rivers University/Hillside Stadium in Kamloops. Veterans report on Saturday.

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