The Ed Reed Questions Remain

One of the most popular topics of conversation this off-season has been Ed Reed, and what he might or might not do in 2012. 

Will he play for the Ravens? Will he be done? 

Here’s the answer: we don’t know.

And in the Internet-fueled we-need-to-know-right-now world that sports seems to be in right now, we might not know for some time.. Fans and critics are going to have to accept that. 

Reed put the following message on Twitter on Saturday: "Back home with my son he's riding his bike an I'm doing yard work! Tell the bosses I'm comfortable!"

What does that mean? Who knows?

Ray Lewis has said he thinks Reed will be back. Maybe Lewis is exactly right. But since Reed hasn’t said much, we just don’t know. 

Or he could say one thing and switch up and go do another. 

There’s just no real way to know and worrying about it is a waste of time. 

The Ravens and the fans are going to have to wait to see what happens at training camp, and even if this issue remains alive then. He’s in the final year of a contract, something that’s got to be an issue somewhere. He wants something bigger, which is understandable. 

Reed kind of does things his own way. And that’s just fine. He just doesn’t want to say anything yet. Maybe he wants to make the Ravens nervous in the hopes that this would help him get a new deal. Maybe he’s just trying to be tough. Maybe he just really hasn’t decided yet.

Who knows? 

In the end, the Ravens will adjust to whatever happens. They’ve got some very solid defensive backs that are going to continue to make life tough for opposing passing games. 

But if they lose Reed this season – after already having to go without Terrell Suggs for a large portion – that’s going to be tough. 

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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