Bryant McKinnie’s back in Baltimore, with a bad back

Bryant McKinnie’s back in Baltimore, with an apparently bad back.

McKinnie told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times he’s been missing from Ravens camp because he slipped and fell outside his South Florida home and twisted his lower back.

“I had an accident. I’m over it. I’m here to play football,” McKinnie said.

McKinnie’s been MIA since camp opened and was placed on the reserve/did not report list, incurring fines of $30,000 per day.

“Of course, I’m glad to be back,” McKinnie said. “I’m kind of disappointed, though. “I’ve been training hard, I’ve been boxing and doing all this stuff. To have a setback like this is disappointing.

“Why isn’t anybody saying I got hurt? I don’t know what people thought was going on. How I got hurt is running out of the house. It was slippery and I fell and hurt my lower back. You can’t be playing football when your back is hurting. When I fell, I said, ‘I know I ain’t going out like this.’”

McKinnie’s bewilderment at anyone wondering where he was ignores one significant point: With him, it’s always something.

The Vikings ran him off for being overweight, and he’s worked to get that under control with the Ravens. But they’ve moved Michael Oher to left tackle for the moment, and may be inclined to leave him there, if McKinnie can’t get on the field and do something.

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