Willis McGahee doesn’t want to disappoint Peyton Manning

We’ve heard younger Broncos like Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas say that they are hoping to raise their level of play now that Peyton Manning is the quarterback in Denver.

It’s not just guys who are still wet behind the ears who feel that way. Running back Willis McGahee is heading into his 10th season, but he’s also talking about kicking his game up a notch so that the move for Manning winds up being a successful one in Denver.

“It’s just the fact that we need to do our job. I don’t care who we play he can’t win by himself. It’s going to be a team effort starting from the o-line to the running backs to the receivers to the tight ends,” McGahee said on 102.3 ESPN in Denver, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “Our job is to get up to speed with him. He’s one of those quarterbacks that you don’t want to disappoint. Not only that you don’t want to disappoint him. You don’t want to disappoint the Broncos organization. So as a man we all have to take our game to another level each day because he challenges us.”

Manning says that he isn’t quite up to speed at this point, but his presence seems to be enough for the rest of the Broncos to feel like they need to be better versions of themselves this season. If they all succeed at doing that and Manning is close to his old form, the results should be pretty good for the Denver offense.

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