Clinton Portis defends Dan Snyder, Talks RGIII

Clinton Portis (who else?) called in to chat with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan this morning and had some kind words for “Mr. Snyder” during the course of the conversation.

Portis on RGIII and the Redskins: "Well I think RGIII gonna' be excellent. He's gonna' play lights out, it's just a matter of [if] the pieces around him play lights out. They got a great receiving corps, of course with tight ends they could be set with Fred [Davis] and [Chris] Cooley. Running backs...I'm not sure whose going to be the running back, but I like Helu...if he finally gets to be the main guy."

"You still always have to have the worry of having a healthy offensive line. So that's going to be the major part, having a healthy offensive line, that's going to be together for an entire season."

Portis on how he was a guest at Vice President Joe Biden's fundraiser: "I can't tell you everything...but we was in a dice game together (laughs)."

On LaDanian Tomlinson: "Probably one of the best players in football. The way he played the game was the right way. He was always one of my favorite backs. Coming up at the same time, being in Denver, and competing against him week-to-week -- myself, him and Priest [Holmes] -- having the opportunities to compete in the same conference was amazing for me."

"I think it jump-started my career...gave me a different edge and a different outlook. Hats off to LaDanian to his accomplishments on and off the field because he was amazing at both. He was really a human highlight reel."

On his top five modern running backs in no particular order: "Of course Barry Sanders, Robert Smith, Fred Taylor -- the Jacksonville Fred Taylor -- Edgerrin James and LaDanian. I just think what they did in for the game in the time that they did it, was amazing. You really won't see that again. I think the backs today are great. But to come out and carry organizations the way those guys kind of change the running back position -- along with Marshall Faulk...I don't think you'll see many backs be the face of the organization again."

On if he is a top five running back: "In my eyes I will always be one of the top five, but that's up for you guys to judge."

 “You know, I think so many people got the wrong idea about Mr. Snyder,” Portis said. “I think he’s a guy that is so dedicated to that Redskins organization and wants so badly to bring a championship to town and give the town what they want, like, give Redskin nation what they want, that a lot of people get aggravated with the change. You know, I think he’s willing to go out and do anything and everything that needs to be done to make that organization better and so many people criticize that.”

Portis on Dan Snyder: “You know, there’s a lot of owners that won’t go out and put a dime into the organization, won’t bring players in, won’t pay players they got and their fans are upset. I think Mr. Snyder do all that he can and it’s really just a man that have the desire to win and he want to win at any cost, and you know, I think he do everything he could to make that organization better and the people within the organization, as far as the players, love him.

“I think he’s a great guy. How you get all the negativity out of any move that he makes and anything that he attempt just because things hasn’t worked out. But he’s still trying to find the pieces to the puzzle to get it on the positive side and you gotta applaud him.”

Applaud him, or write a diatribe that includes the phrase “rapturous canonization fit for atom-smashing scientists and Danish monarchs?” You decide.

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