Santana Moss wants to tap the brakes on RG3-mania

While many of the Redskins have been eager to heap praise on rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, veteran wide receiver Santana Moss has adopted a different approach.

Instead, Moss said he wants Griffin to be allowed to grow into his role at a comfortable pace, without veterans like himself adding to the media-fueled hype that was criticized by Giants tight end Osi Umenyiora earlier this week.

“I don’t want to every day be asked that question and have to say something,” Moss said.  “I don’t want to get into all that every day, telling you, ‘He’s this, he’s that.’”

“I just feel like every day we’re going to have a chance to get better with him,” Moss continued. “You all have seen him play in college. You know what he can do. I feel like on this pro level, he’s going to have to prove himself, and he knows that.”

Moss said Griffin already has enough pressure without having those at Redskins Park putting more on him.

“I don’t want to be that guy talking about him and putting too much pressure on him, because I know I wouldn’t want that on myself,” Moss added. “Until he goes out there and plays a game, then we can talk about it. Right now we’re practicing.”

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