Rashad Butler Taking a Twitter Break

The Houston Texans and the rest of the NFL are closing in that time of the year, training camp. The rookies are reporting today and the veterans will not be too far behind, and penciled in starting right tackle Rashad Butler is getting his mind right for the 2012 season. He seems to be ready and this should get Texans fans everywhere excited about the dedication Butler is showing.

Well twitter... I'm checking out for about 6 months. Going to devote my time to becoming the best player I can be to my teammates and to the Houston Texans organization!

If u have any comments for me during my time away from twitter feel free to leave them in my MENTIONS OR DMs. God Bless!

I'm going to leave u with this twitter. "There is no magical formula for success. It's about having a dream and working towards it no matter what negative circumstances occur along the way" -Eric Thomas-

See u all in Feburary! Rb2cool checking out .

Also, in another twitter post, Butler said he has his eyes on the “ring” (Championship.) It is good to see at least one Texans’ player making this season a priority, especially for Butler who has bigger role on this team that last year.

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