Kellen Winslow: 'I won't let the Seahawks down'

Kellen Winslow got a scheduled day off from Seahawks training camp on Tuesday, a measure he and the team are taking in order to manage a chronic knee injury the tight end has dealt with for most of his career.

Winslow hasn't missed a game in three seasons despite the knee issue. He averaged 72 catches and 792 yards from 2009-2011 with Tampa Bay. The Seahawks, as little production as they got from their tight ends last season, will certainly take anything close to that -- even if it means giving Winslow some special treatment.

"The key is to get to Sundays," he told "Bob and Groz" on Tuesday. "... My job is to make plays. And I won't let the city down, I won't let the Seahawks down, I won't let my players down."

In the video below, Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby discuss their impressions of Winslow and expectations for his production this season.

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