Ryan Hill Reacts To Latest Yahoo! Article

According to Hill's facebook page:

"I don't know all the details exactly but what I do know is that yahoo sports is usually always dead on it. If it it's true what they are reporting about Al golden, the university of miami should fire him where he stands. To think that this was a guy who hurricanes could put trust in to restore our program to what it once was, after he just dismissed a great player an leader in Ray Ray Armstrong now it seems he is just as guilty as that young man. I can only hope that there is some false accusations against him, but like I said if this is to be found true, the university has a big decision to make. " HOW CAN WE AS A UNIVERSITY, ALUMNI AND COMMUNITY EXPECT OUR YOUNG MEN TO DEVELOP INTO MATURE, HONEST YOUNG STUDENT ATHLETES WHO ARE HELD AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ACCOUNTABILITY IF THE HEAD OF OUR ORGANIZATION IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE??? "

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