A slimmer, trimmer Vince Wilfork set to hit Patriots training camp Thursday

Vince Wilfork said he took the past four weeks or so since June’s mini-camp ended and used the time to hang out with his family at his Florida ranch. That may be true, but it was a noticeably slimmer and trimmer Wilfork who showed up tonight  as a special guest at a charity auction at the newest DestinationXL location in Natick.

Wilfork didn’t want to divulge any secrets just yet, but let’s just say he’s looking good heading into camp.

”You’re always excited for something you love,” Wilfork told me with regard to getting back to work for the start of training camp. ”I’m always excited to get back started. I’m pretty sure that’ll go away in a couple days once you start practicing. But it’s here. If you don’t like it, you should get out of the game. I’m always excited to start it up, get it going, see my teammates, and try and start off on the right foot. And I think that’s the goal. Start off, take it day by day, and see where we can go. Get out of camp healthy, hopefully we’ll be healthy coming out of camp, and start the season off right.” 

 We’ll have more on the charity event, which benefitted the Vince Wilfork Foundation, in another  blog post tomorrow.  Hooking up with an “XL” store seemed like a natural fit for the Patriots mammoth nose tackle, even with Wilfork’s trimmed down look.

”I’m a big boy,” Wilfork said of the Destination XL store which features larger sized clothing for men. ”All my shopping comes from here.”   

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