JoJo Nicolas Hopes to Bring Versatility to Defensive Backfield

Jojo Nicolas, an undrafted free agent safety, came in knowing plenty about a couple guys in the Giants secondary. A member of the proud University of Miami football fraternity, Nicolas credits Kenny Phillips for showing him the ropes when he arrived in Coral Gables and Antrel Rolle, who grew up in the same neighborhood in Homestead, Fla., for being an inspiration.

Now Nicolas, who led the Hurricanes in interceptions and was third in tackles his senior season, is looking to secure a spot on the roster beside them. In this latest installment of our Giants summer questionnaire series, Nicolas talks adjusting to the NFL, what he brings to the table at safety, and the "U".

The rookies went to a Mets game and have done a couple other events together. How's the cohesion between you guys?
It's pretty good. It's fun. It's keeping us involved in everything. We're seeing how the NFL works and it's a good way for us to give back and learn how to give back. A lot of players who come into this league have never been able to get back into it and to come here to the NFL and have a chance to give back and be a role model, it's a great feeling.

How did your first OTAs and minicamp go?
It's great. It's a great advantage being at OTAs and minicamp because you're able to learn everything and pick up things and then you get to interact with the vets. Even though the OTAs are voluntary, they still were there with the young guys showing us how things work. When you have a team of veterans like that, that's how you get your Super Bowl rings. So it's been great. I'm enjoying and just being able to come everyday and get better, it's a great opportunity and a blessing.

Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips, both starters in the secondary, also went to Miami. Is it nice to have guys from the "U" with you?
Oh, man, it's the best. It just gives you that feeling of being more comfortable because there are guys that you have played with back in college and they've been here and everything you're going through now, they've already went through. It's a big advantage.

Why does it seem like there's a little more swagger and pride between guys from the "U"?
There is because where we come from being in Miami, most of us that are on the team are actually from that area and everything we come from so you'll see some of the same chemistry and type of swagger that you'll see just because of the fact that it's the University of Miami. It's a little different and we have great camaderie between each other no matter if it's a guy who is five years ahead of you and you never even met or a guy you played next to in college, it's the same feeling of "this is my brother, we're family because he's from the University of Miami."

Where do you see yourself fitting in in secondary?
Anywhere I can help. I'm playing safety so I'm doing everything I can to learn the plays and help out on special teams. Whatever it is I can do, I'll do my best to do it.

How would you describe your game?
I'm pretty versatile. Anything the coaches and team need me to do, I'll do

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