Ed Reed 'focused on season,' still looking for new deal

As far as Ed Reed is concerned, what's in the past is … well, in the past. The Ravens safety and future Hall of Famer made it clear earlier this year that he was unhappy with his current contract, contemplated retirement and then missed mandatory minicamp.

Now in training camp with the rest of his teammates, Reed looking forward to the 2012 season.

"I'm here, man," Reed said according to the Carroll County Times' Aaron Wilson. "What transpired months back transpired. What happened because of what I had to deal with family wise and what I've been going through for the last 11 years now in the league you know it's always a time when you have to assess yourself. Once you get to a certain part and you've been doing it maybe not being as vocal guys don't be as vocal with it, but when you're dealing with the business side of it, too, that's something you have to deal with.

"I choose to deal with it the way I deal with it. That way, young guys know it. Kids will know it as they come up. Their parents will know it. I'm not a guy who holds things back. That's why you get what you get. And if I didn't do it that way, you wouldn't have the information to write about."

We've never had an issue with guys looking for more money since salaries aren't guaranteed. The problem is that, given the current setup, players -- even the great ones -- have little leverage (glaring exception: Drew Brees). It explains why Reed is currently in camp (and why the Steelers' Mike Wallace will be doing the same soon, too). Still, the Ravens safety hasn't changed his mind about a new deal.

"Talks have already been there," said Reed, who currently is without an agent and is set to make $7.2 million in base salary in 2012. "I know (general manager) Ozzie (Newsome) and them know I want to be here. We will get that done when it's time to cross that bridge. I'm good with football right now. I'm focused on the season. That's all I'm worried about right now is getting my teammates better and get myself better and get ready to go forward this season."

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