Weighting wins for WRs Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson

Chase Stuart is doing some interesting stuff at footballperspective.com.

The most recent entry of note looks at career weighted winning percentages for the 100 wide receivers with the most receiving yards in NFL history.

Of the 14 active players on the list, the top guy and the lowest-ranking guy both belong to the AFC South.

And they should come as no surprise.

Reggie Wayne is at No. 7, with a weighted winning percentage of .698. Thanks, Peyton Manning, Bill Polian and the Colts.

Andre Johnson is at No. 95, with a weighted winning percentage of .433. Thanks, expansion situation, Charley Casserly and David Carr.

Interestingly, Wayne and Johnson are friends, linked by the University of Miami.

They hold each other in high regard and hang out together when they can. They share relatively low-key, workman-like personalities.

Johnson’s “suffering” came to an end last season as he played in his first two playoff games. If he can stay healthy, the Texans may finally be in position to help him move up this list before he’s done.

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