Vince Wilfork is trying to get used to all the newcomers on the defensive line

Vince Wilfork has taken in several different views while anchoring the New England Patriots defensive line over the last nine years.

When he first came into the league, he could look to either side and see Richard Seymour, Jarvis Green and Ty Warren. Over the years various faces have cycled in and out of the group, but there was usually enough carryover for things to feel familiar.

Now, though, it seems like every time Wilfork glances down the line he’s seeing someone new.

“It’s tough because you get attached to people and you get a chance to know people off the field – not just on the field – their families and stuff like that,” Wilfork said. “So for people to move on, it can be heartbreaking at times, but at the same time, things always happen at this level. You have to get used to it real quick.”

With Jonathan Fanene, Trevor Scott, Chandler Jones, Jake Bequette and Rob Ninkovich all joining the line this year, Wilfork isn’t just experiencing turnover this season. The line is going through a complete overhaul.

While it’s going to take some time getting used to those guys, Wilfork said he has no issue playing alongside the newcomers and has made himself available to lend a helping hand wherever he can.

“I can play with anybody. That's just the trust I have in those guys to learn what they have to learn,” Wilfork said. “And like I said, if they have questions, they can always ask, because I’ve been around this for a little bit. I'm not saying I know everything, but I’ve been around for a while and kind of know what to expect. So I think we all do a really good job of helping one another.”

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