Jonathan Vilma wants NFL to make 'bounty' ruling

Jonathan Vilma doesn't believe his season-long suspension will be shortened or overturned via the appeals process, so he's already looking forward to the next step in his fight against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“What's this guy waiting on? Make your ruling so we can get on with phase 2 already”

According to the collective bargaining agreement, a suspension appeal would be the main recourse for the players who were suspended as a result of the "bounty" investigation. However, citing sources close to the players,'s Steve Wyche has reported the players also could be poised to challenge this investigation -- and Goodell's authority to rule against the players -- in court.

This would likely be the "phase 2" Vilma is referring to.

Should any prospective cases get to court, lawyers for the players also might be able to gain access to evidence and witnesses that they haven't been able to previously, according to Wyche.

Vilma's tweet shows the linebacker is ready for the next battle before the current one is even done.

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