Aubrey Huff has no intention of quitting

Aubrey Huff used an interesting word to describe his 2012 season. "Delirious," he called it.

He struggled to hit, went on the disabled list with an anxiety disorder, and then, just as he was about to get a bunch of at-bats as the designated hitter in interleague play, he sprained his right knee trying to leap the dugout railing to celebrate Matt Cain's perfect game.

In his first interview since the mishap, Huff was asked if he thought about going home and calling it a career. He said no.

"I've never been a quitter," Huff said. "I've always tried to finish something I've started. I don't want to raise my kids thinking it's OK to quit. You never know what can happen. You can get to the playoffs and you can get a big hit at the end. Look at what (Edgar) Renteria did after his 2010 season."

A variety of injuries limited Renteria to 243 at-bats. He was a target of fan scorn until he hit the three-run homer off Cliff Lee that propelled the Giants to their clinching victory in the World Series.

So, how does an athlete injure himself in a celebration? By colliding with another athlete.

Huff said that as he tried to leap the dugout railing, he bumped into Nate Schierholtz. Huff was jostled, his legs did not clear the railing, and he fell onto the warning track hands-first. As he landed, he slammed his right knee onto the ground.

He continued to the mound on adrenaline, feeling the pain later that night.

"I was so pumped up for Cain," Huff said. "It's been a long time since the playoffs when you got pumped up for a game like that."

Huff is taking batting practice and throwing. Though his knee feels much better, he has not begun to run and will not be near ready to return when eligible to be activated Thursday.

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