Gerald McCoy to work with Warren Sapp

This has been a chaotic offseason for former Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Warren Sapp but it appears that he is ready to get back on the field. Not playing for the Buccaneers, but helping to mentor one of the Tampa defensive linemen, DT Gerald McCoy. McCoy was drafted third overall in the 2010 NFL Draft, just behind DT Ndamukong Suh. At that point, many analysts believed the two linemen were basically interchangeable, but to this point, Suh has been much more productive on the field.

Sapp said that he wants to get together with McCoy in Tampa in order to see where his mind is at and to give him so tips at advancing his game.

“When I come back from L.A., me and him are going to get on the field. I want to see what he’s thinking, you know? Get the mind right and a couple little tips here and there. This ain’t rocket science, I’m not going to give him the formulas to become the next tyrant on the field. I promise you, you’ll see a much more improved and a much more complete player on the field this year,” Sapp told local radio station WDAE 620.

McCoy, after he was drafted, told the Tampa media that he grew up idolizing Sapp, so this just might be what McCoy needs in order to elevate his game. During his two-year career, McCoy has been plagued with season ending shoulder injuries each season. He has only appeared in 19 games in the last two years. He has recorded 39 tackles, four sacks and two forced fumbles in his short time in the league.

For his career, Sapp recorded 438 tackles, 96.5 sacks and 19 forced fumbles.

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