Santana Moss Poised For Big Season

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- As players were sprinting off following Thursday's very first 2012 training camp walk through, I was lucky enough to grab Santana Moss for two minutes.

The first thing I blatantly observed from the Redskins offense was a serious increase in the amount of shotgun and pistol plays. I asked Moss about this development, and though he tried to be as cryptic as possible, the change is apparent.

"That stuff you'll have to keep watching man (smiles). There's not much else I can tell you. You have to play according to who you have," said the 12-year veteran. "We have to take advantage of who we have at quarterback."

Moss has reported to camp with a significant weight loss, one that some are indicating could revitalize his career. Last season Moss played at 205 pounds and caught just four touchdown passes on 46 receptions. This season? He's listed at 189 lbs. Keep in mind it was just an early walk-through, but Moss looked sharp lined up in the slot receiver position.

"It was a change of diet, it was working out. It was just doing stuff I had done earlier in my career," the 33-year-old said. "I played three years heavy as hell. I wanted the weight off of me, so I did it."

Lastly, Moss raved about the few days he and some fellow receivers spent with Robert Griffin III in Waco, Texas -- from a football standpoint and in terms of team bonding.

"Basically we got all these new guys on the team and it was the perfect way to get to know everybody. It was giving [Griffin] a little [idea] about who he has on the outside. It was everything I imagined and a little more."

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