Knox grateful to Hester for 'keeping me positive'

Johnny Knox realizes he has full support from all of his Chicago Bears’ teammates, but there is one guy in particular he can lean on.

Devin Hester became emotional Wednesday when talking about Knox’s laborious recovery from spinal fusion surgery. The two receivers spend much time together away from football, and Hester has joined Knox for his rehab sessions
at Halas Hall.

"Devin has been there for me on and off the field throughout my career," Knox said. "He’s someone I’ve always looked up to since the first day I got here. He is someone I truly trust as a friend."

Knox already admitted there is a chance he could miss the 2012 season. His recovery has been complicated by a slow-healing bruised nerve.

"The pinched nerve in his spine, it’s a tough process," Hester said. "It’s tough to be around a person you’re close with and see him go through that."

Knox suffered the injury after absorbing a blow from Seahawks defensive end Anthony Hargrove in a Dec. 18 loss to Seattle. He wore a back brace for 21/2 months and loss 30 pounds. Knox has since gained 10 pounds back.

Hester noted how Knox sometimes gets frustrated with the recovery process, but Hester won’t let his close friend give up.

Knox appreciates the encouragement.

"Devin has done a great job of keeping me positive," Knox said. "He has been more worried about my health than if or when I am going to return to the field. That means a lot to me -- that he is more concerned about my health than when I am going to play again."

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