Ray Lewis as a Steeler? Nobody could see it

Steve Nash is going to play for the Los Angeles Lakers next season following a blockbuster deal this week. Nash’s trade to the Lakers comes months after Peyton Manning signed a deal with the Denver Broncos. But Nash’s deal is much more striking, considering nobody ever thought they’d see the day when Nash would call longtime Lakers rival Kobe Bryant a teammate.

So with that in mind, we turned to Twitter on #talkaboutit Friday and asked you to select one NFL legend and a “no way” team for him to finish with, similar to Nash and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The most-mentioned player was Ray Lewis on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Far and away. Nobody can imagine that scenario ever playing out.

Another oft-mentioned one was Tom Brady on the New York Jets. And the Buffalo Bills. And the Indianapolis Colts. And the Oakland Raiders. (But to be honest, don’t rule out Brady finishing with the Raiders. The “Tuck Rule” has been put into the distant past, plus he’s from the area.)

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