Jon Beason Epathizes with Jon Vilma's Situation

Jon Beason empathized with New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma – another University of Miami product – and Vilma’s attempts to overturn a season-long suspension stemming from his role in the Saints’ bounty program.

Vilma has a federal lawsuit pending against the league that alleges Commissioner Roger Goodell failed to make a timely ruling on his appeal. Goodell denied the appeals of Vilma and three other suspended players last week.

“It’s tough in our league because Goodell’s rule is law. There’s no one to really challenge him or go against him,” Beason said. “Obviously, he’s probably bouncing stuff off people.

“But it’s tough because when you do file an appeal, the appeal goes through him. Well, he issued it. So it’s like, what is the point or the purpose for having an appeal process?”
Beason hopes Goodell will allow Vilma to play this year while investigating the matter further.

“Vilma’s always been an upstanding guy, class act, very smart guy. Great player, leader, give you everything he has,” Beason said. “He loves the sport and he’s good for the sport.”

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