Lamar Miller Gets First Team Reps

It was interesting to see rookie Lamar Miller get first-team snaps today. If you're a loyal reader of this blog or my columns, you know I really liked the Miller draft selection by Miami. Well, today he got the repetitions with the first team in team drills at the end of practice.

He didn't do antyhing in those eight plays but did a nice job with the second-team on Inside-the-30 work earlier in practice when he took a pitch and went around right end for 10 yards. A defender had the angle on him and he simply outran him to the edge. A safety was the only player between Miller and a TD.

Miller's speed has made him a candidate for kick and punt return duties since camp began. He's running second- or third-team on kick returns today (depending on the day) behind Steve Slaton with Marcus Thigpen also getting second-team work.

Here's what Miller thinks of his status:

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