Jon Beason In A Key Position Battle

MLB – Jon Beason vs. Luke Kuechly. The Panthers will find a spot for both of them, but there's a question as to which one will man the middle, usually considered the quarterback of the defense. Carolina's first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Kuechly was the best defensive player in college last season, setting a record with 15.9 tackles per game. The team committed to Beason, a Pro Bowl MLB, last season, signing him to a $50 million contract extension. But Beason missed most of the year with a torn Achilles. He's attending rookie camp to try to shake off the rust and get his reaction time back. Beason has been willing to change positions to help the team in past seasons, and if he's not all the way back, it might be easier to let Kuechly stay in his old college position.

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